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I didn’t realize until today that I am very much not alone in my love for pamplemousse. Not the actual fruit- although grapefruits can be very tasty. I’m talking about the word itself. I’ll give you an idea of the kind of widespread affection my word crush is receiving. Today, I found it on Molly […]

apple slaw

I am one of the many who have had always had a little trouble with mayonnaise. As a relic of my past, it has been permitted to dwell in my fridge but has never made it fully into my heart. Given my slight aversion to mayo, it naturally follows that I’ve spent most of my […]

pickled red onions

I was never into pickles growing up. While my mom and younger sister would crunch their way through a monster-sized Disneyland pickle, I always fled in search of frozen lemonade or churros. The only contact I really had with them was when my dad would load the tuna with sweet pickle relish or when the […]

trofie al pesto

One of the best and most enchanting meals I ever ate was also one of the most simple: a small portion of pasta tossed in fresh Genovese pesto, followed by a melt-in-my-mouth bowl of tiramisu. As with most things in life, the simplest foods are frequently the ones that leave the biggest impact, and this […]

pico de gallo

Someday, when I’m a mother, I won’t be known for a perpetually full jar of cookies on the counter. No, my trademark will be a neverending supply of homemade salsa in the refrigerator. This might sound like a strange assertion coming from yours truly, the girl who very recently espoused the utter perfection of a […]

sierra nuggets

I am thoroughly convinced that food has a very quantitative power to bring warmth and a general spirit of goodwill to an otherwise busy and self absorbed culture. The simple delight of a freshly baked cookie, for example, can bring smiles and encourage conversation the same way your uncle’s bear-hug might, while the quintessential aroma […]

banana bread (with butter!)

There are two stages in a banana’s life which fill me with the sort of joy only truly good produce can excite. Joy, you ask, from a banana? Oh Yes! say I. My first tale of enjoyment happens on the dawn of ripeness, when the stem is a bright shade of green and fades into […]

brussels sprouts

Choux de bruxelles. It was not until I came to know them by their French name that I also found a love for them I had not previously thought possible. Having grown up in a country where brussels sprouts were a target of public disgust, even for those who had never tasted them (myself included), […]

peaches ‘n’ cream

There comes a time in every woman’s life when ice cream is the only answer. It’s cloyingly sweet and rich and makes a perfect companion for a late night viewing of Pride and Prejudice or When Harry Met Sally. Some women, in a Bridget Jones inspired frenzy, might argue that a bottle of two buck […]

buttery beginnings

It’s hard for me to say exactly when it began. My love affair with butter, that is. I came to notice obvious signs of dependency when my dad had to start making special trips to Costco for oversized butter supplies before I could comfortably come stay for a weekend. And the fact that I discovered […]